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Wow, just like that I blinked and another semester has flown by! I had some battles this semester with sicknesses, and also the excitement of being pregnant and going through my first trimester! Boy let me tell you… COVID and FIRST TRIMESTER… YIKES! It has been a tough semester but I got through it and battled by way. Through all the battles however here is a Summary of my learning throughout my EDTC 300 class! For my summary of learning project, I worked with Ava Viczco to make a whiteboard drawing video, which is something also new to me and I had never tried before, so big thank you to my amazing partner for walking me through it and being patient! I was really happy with how it turned out, and had lots of fun building it and having it all come to life. Below is the video Ava, and myself created about our learning this semester! Check it out, you won’t want to miss it!

YouTube video Created by Ava Vizco and Melanie Darlington

Reflections on Twitter:

 Throughout the semester We got to create a Professional Learning Network through Twitter, that allowed us to find lots of other educators, and other students that had amazing Education information. Going into the semester I was very afraid of Twitter because I never understood how to navigate or follow others that you might have similar interests in. However by the end of the semester I got to become familiar with Twitter and how to use hashtags. This allowed us to follow fellow educators all around the world, and be able to hear about their knowledge and read many great articles that will help us become better Educators. Learning about hashtags allowed me to find/connect with categories or groups of people Wewant to reach out to more, and also allowed me to easily find articles I might like for future learning. I got to learn how hashtags build a bigger learning community online!  

Reflections on Blogging:

Blogging for me throughout the class was very intimidating. I am not going to lie, I still feel a little intimidated just because it seemed like throughout the semester I had a lot of technical difficulties. The difficulties were usually just from the program updates, and whenever I felt like I got the hang of it, the program would want to update or change. Unfortunately that’s part of technology, however that can make things a little more intimidating, especially for an older person like myself! I did however really enjoy learning about blogs and communicating through a blog because I felt like I could blog more with emotion. I am a very shy person and usually can not connect well with people because I am so shy, however learning how to blog allowed me to come out of my shy bubble and share more. I felt like my personality was able to show more because of the themes, photos, topics, and adding links. One of the biggest things I took away from blogging was how much creativity goes towards it. Blogs allow people to share things, but it also allows them to capture their personality, and traits. I didnèt think it was possible to get to know classmates through a blog, but I think it was the best way to get to know my classmates on a more personal level.  

Reflections on the class via zoom

Due to COVID I feel like zoom has become a more normal way to educate people. With that being said there were not a lot of new things to learn from Zoom. At the beginning of the Semester Zoom did update a couple of things such as new ways to raise your hand, and being able to add special effects to your face while on camera. For example, if you raise your hand physically on camera, this will raise your hand in the classroom as well. You could also be on camera and change your face to an animated animal! These new updates may not be that big, however it did add some fun to the classroom atmosphere which I find very important in education. You need to be able to have fun educating students to develop a good bond with your students. This allows students to feel more comfortable in class! I did find that doing break out rooms throughout the semester did help me out alot on the education side, because it allowed me to connect with my classmates and get feedback from them as well instead of just my personal opinions throughout the semester. I felt like the breakout rooms opened my mind up more because sharing with classmates made me see things through different perspectives. 

Things we found most important/topics we learned about:

 Ava: One of the most important topics we learned about was digital citizenship. Digital citizenship is the continually developing norms of appropriate, responsible, and empowered technology use. One issue we talked about was cyberbullying and we discussed how this issue has affected many teens, such as in the case of Amanda Todd. One of my biggest takeaways from this was the importance of teaching children digital etiquette, communication, fluency, and privacy. These ideas all go hand in hand and help people learn how to appropriately interact with the online world while keeping themselves safe. As we learned from our cyberstalking activity, younger generations are creating digital identities younger and younger, and so it’s increasingly important we teach them how to adequately protect themselves. We learned about different ways to do this, like being mindful of what you post, turning your accounts private, or building positive digital identities for ourselves, which is what we’ve done through our blogs!

Mel:I agree with your topic Ava, especially because we are going to be developing young minds, and we are the future of that, so making sure we address appropriate network usage, and making sure we address to children the dangers and advantages of network and technology. It is very important to be able to show the children a positive outlook of networking because this can develop their networking skills at an early age, and allow them to see themselves in a positive way rather than a pure pressure way of cyber bullying. A Lot of the time people think that cyber bullying goes unnoticed, so discussing it with children will allow them to feel more comfortable with questions, or concerns they might be having. This allows the children to develop a positive relationship towards the networking community. 

Our favorite readings/topics we covered: 

My favorite topic we covered was learning about fake, and real accounts. I realized I have been very gullible and naive with myself about knowing what is a real account and not. Also known as a troll. As a class we went over a couple of examples of real and fake accounts on twitter. This is how I realized how easy people get scammed because of how detailed scammers can be! This really made me stop and realize that  I get easily fooled by fake accounts, I can only imagine how easily children get fooled by them. It is so important to make sure children understand how harmful, and serious people can be on fake accounts. I really enjoyed our time together in class going over examples of real and fake Twitter accounts. This was a big eye opener for me on how easily people can be fooled, but also how sneaky scammers can be on the internet!

Things/tech we discovered:

  I discovered that the internet is not a big scary place all the time. There are so many resources out there to help you through anything, and so many communities you can lean towards. This class made me reach out into the world of twitter, where I realized that there are many resource  articles, and other communities that are just like myself, scared and intimidated. However twitter allowed me to connect and reach out to other people that may be feeling the same way as myself. So many different education resources,learning opportunities are surrounded by things like Pinterest, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Twitter. I always swore to myself that I would never download Tik Tok because people are always on it and distracted, however this class allowed me to branch out and see what it was all about, and boy was I wrong. I learned that Tik Tok is full of resources as well and it too can help develop future education because of the helpful resources. During my learning project, I got to try many different technology resources such as Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram. I really enjoyed learning how to create and post videos on Youtube.  

Our takeaways from networking

Ava: As a young person learning to be a teacher, networking has always really intimidated me. Throughout the semester I got to do this in so many different ways, such as Twitter, my blogs, and our classes. To me, networking is about finding your community and not being afraid to open up and engage with it. Through interactions on Twitter, I’ve realized there’s many ways I can contribute to education even without having experience teaching in a classroom. I’ve been able to be more comfortable sharing my opinions by sharing articles I enjoyed, having meaningful conversations via comments, and asking questions about things I’m not sure about. 

Mel: I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote here Ava.. Being 31 years old, I felt outdated by so many technologies before I started this class. I was afraid to spread my wings to the world of networking because of feeling so scared and intimidated by everything. Once I dipped my toes into this class I felt more confident in sharing my thoughts and looking into new resources through new interactions like twitter. I always felt like the networking world was full of fake people and never realized how resourceful it was until after learning more about them! I enjoyed blogging and tweeting articles that were interesting to me, and sharing them with other educators like myself to further their education as well. My biggest takeaway from this was learning how networking is a giant community, full of knowledge. Everyone comes together in this community and helps each other further our knowledge!  


Blues Clues… or Should I say Mel’s Clues

This week I decided to play a little Blues Clues, but instead of Blue doing all the work it was Myself as I attempted to cybersleuth a classmate, Ava Viczko. This Project was very tough I found, and realized I am not a very good stalker haha. I found it very interesting how a lot of information can be found on the internet that you didn’t even realize, especially when your younger! Join me in my investigation on Ava and see what kind of clues you can pick up on!

Ava Viczko

I started with a google search of Ava’s name, and one of the first things I found was her Facebook. Here I was able to find out that she lives in Moose Jaw, SK and that she went to Vanier Collegiate and graduated there. I was also able to also see that she is presently going to University of Regina and is in the Faculty of Education. Her Facebook did not have a lot of details about her so I moved on to her blog. Her blog had a lot of information about her, and this is where I found most of her details and I learned a lot about her from there. Her Instagram is also another one that popped up while searching her, but it did not give a lot of information except that she played some sports in High school.

After reading over my detective work on those three social media finds, I found an article on her through my Google Search. The article written by Local News, Moose Jaw Today said she accepted a Woman’s Golf Tournament Scholarship in 2021. This was given to her for her athletics throughout the year, but also for her ongoing great grades. There was also a small finding on Google that mentioned she had won athlete of the Month at Vanier Collegiate in 2019-2020 school year for playing soccer. Not much came up for Ava on Google except for similar write ups on her Scholarship, But all together i was able to find up enough evidence and clues to show me who Ava Viczko is! Down below is a summary of my cybersleuth findings:

Biographical Info: Ava lives in Moose Jaw, but is studying at the University of Regina. She is in her second year of Education and is taking Secondary Education, with her major in Math, and minor in Social Studies. She had a lot of changes throughout University, she started her first year enrolled in Faculty of Kinesiology as a Human Kinetic major! From Grade 1-6 she lived in a small farming community, and after moved to Moose Jaw where she went to a Catholic School, but also attended two different High schools but finished her grade 12 diploma at Vanier Collegiate. She has volunteered with younger children, mostly in her Moose Jaw Soccer club.

Hobbies: Ava really enjoys spending time with her friends and family when she has a spare second. She also really enjoys soccer, and running to clear her mind after a busy day of school work. She enjoys cooking and finding new recipes to try out and perfect. The other thing she likes to try do when she has time is exploring the world and going to new places where she can take pictures. She loves math and hopes to spread that joy to other students in the future.

Personal: Ava mentions that her family is one of her main influences in her life. She discusses how her family members were a great big deal in life and how they all taught her life lessons. She has a very large and unique family with 9 siblings and 3 parents. 3 older step siblings, 6 younger siblings, 5 of whom are adopted. Her biological sister has been there for her through everything in life and she’s one of her best friends. Her 5 youngest adopted siblings have had a huge impact on her life as well. She met them when her family became a foster family and seeing their journey has taught her patience, empathy, and strength. Her families ups and downs was one of the reasons she decided to go into education. Another big influence in her life was being able to play sports. She played and still tries to play soccer, and shares a big passion for it. She also did track and field in high school, where she made it to provincials on the relay team.

Overall impressions: Ava’s digital footprint shows her love for her family, but also her passion towards children, and becoming a strong future educator for them. Her results were all very professional as most of them pertain her studies and her love and companionship towards her family. There’s no reason to not hire her based on her digital footprint, because everything shows her passion towards learning, and how she is bettering herself to be the best educator she can be for students! Her footprint shows that she is dedicated, hard working, smart, and very passionate towards children. It’s not clear what her personal political beliefs are because there was no political media posts on any of her information.

My Thoughts on Digital Identity

I think that Digital Identity is so important to understand. I knew nothing about my digital identity until this class. I found it very interesting and surprising to see what you all can find just by looking someone up on the internet. Its a really scary thing to think about because anyone and everyone can have access to what you have within your digital Identity. This is why it is so important for teachers to know what their digital identity is because you need to make sure everything on the internet that someone can find is appropriate enough to have a student come across it. It’s important that we interact in these different ways and it’s important we understand why it means so much to our students. Not only is it important to us as teachers to know what is out there about us, but it is also important for students to understand posting things truly does go out to the world and affects your Identity on the internet. Digital Identity is a great way to share and express ourselves to see how everyone is unique and different, but it’s also important to do it safely and professionally.

The internet can be a scary place, and Monica Lewinsky does a great job explaining how children are getting younger and younger that are putting themselves on the internet. This also mean that children Digital Identities are blowing up at a young age, which can be harmful for their futures. As kids get online access younger and younger, they have an even larger digital identity. THis is when it is incredibly important for us future educators to teach our students how to protect themselves. At the end of the day, yes it is important for children to learn technology and play around on the internet, however its the important part to also make them understand that there can be Pros and Cons to what you put on the internet especially at a young age.

In the article by Endgate, Having Multiple Online Identities is More Normal Than You Think. They discuss how it is actually very common for people to have many different accounts for different occasions. I personally think that it’s very common for people to do this especially when it comes to opening up your own business. A lot of people try to get their name out there to the public, so to do that they need to spread the companies name, and have good publicity behind it. I think of about all of my friends around me that do eyelashes through their house, or nails through their houses. These people don’t put their girls night out pictures on their accounts, they want to keep it professional and only about their business. I found this article interesting because its so accurate with personal businesses now. Its exactly what they say when interviewing people in the article, “Different sites, different audiences, different purposes.” she says. “Very simple.” I personally agree and could not say it better! To be professional sometimes you need to seperate your life from business.

Here Bully, Bully, Bully….

I am about to start this blog sounding old again… haha. Back when I was in High school (Graduated in 2009) Cyber bullying was not discussed at all unfortunately. I went to an extremely small High school In Eckville. We had a total of about 22 graduating students in my class, so I am sure you can imagine how words get tossed around quickly at that school. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to bad mouth my school here, but I want you to understand how bad bullying was, but never discussed. Physical,mental, and cyberbullying was never a hot topic that our teachers found important enough to share. I on the other hand will fully admit to you right now, I was not the cool girl in school. I got bullied all the time, as bad as getting called smelly Mel, pushed in garbages, and made fun of for my physical appearances. None of that however added up to the experiences of feeling safe at home, and going on MSN ( which was the cool internet technology back then, haha) and being bullied by my classmates in my own privacy and safety of my home. The place I felt happy and safe, they took that away from me. Cyberbullying is a very dangerous thing, and it breaks my heart that no one ever took it serious when I was in school. If the word bullying ever randomly got brought up, everyone just laughed and rolled their eyes. It was never seen as a topic in school, or a topic to be brought up in school. Even with my school being the biggest bullying zone around, no one took the topic serious, or ever considered it an important topic to bring up to us. Girls would be constantly bringing down other girls on MSN and even the guys would begin to chime in on bringing down a girls self esteem as well. ” Gap tooth, Smelly Mel, loud, ugly, not pretty enough, ugly.” These are just some of the words that would get spread around on internet and past back to me. As I got older it seemed to get worse. Woman got judged for clothing choices, or amount of boyfriends they might have had so more harsh words like “slut, whore, or easy” got past around. It seemed like Woman were always torn apart with bullying, and it never got easy. I remember wanting to be done school and be a grown up and forget this place. I remember seeing this ad on the TV but was mad because it was on TV but never discussed at a school:

Words Hurt – Bullying Commercial on YouTube

It seemed like teachers did not know or understand what Teenagers were like and how mean the world can get, especially the Cyber side of things. Also on the other side of things, I felt like teenagers just didn’t care either. Technology was not a big thing at school for us at this time, all we really did technology wise, was practice typing, and learn Word processor. The only thing that got really bad was always outside of school and on MSN. Teachers always said if it happens at home, it was in the parents control an nothing they can do about it. Videos were never watched, and the scary stories of stranger dangers online never happened. Its actually quite scary now that I think and look back on it!

However, even now scaring kids is not helpful or the way to go. I would have liked to know that bullying isn’t just an online stranger telling you to die or mean words, but that it’s also the girls in your class sending mean words around,making fun of everything about you and laughing at you behind your back. I would have liked to learn about how to make a positive digital footprint and make the internet a more positive place. Digital citizenship is so often approached from the negative side and it’s talked about now, but it was never discussed when i was in school! I think as educators we need to share lessons towards a positive online impressions will help children understand the benefits of the digital world. Letting the children know what exists out in the Cyber world, positive, and the negative need to be addressed. The children need to be aware of Digital Citizenship because they need to understand what to stay away from yes, but not to scare them into never creating your own identity. The children need to explore the cyber world, but they need to have lessons on what to look for and what to stay away from. The good and the bad.

Dad, “I Got that Tweeter!”

Well, I am not going to lie, I have never used Twitter, but somehow my 66 year old Father has managed to beat me on getting it! To say the least I was slightly embarrassed while talking to him on the phone about my EDTC 300 class and how we are learning about Twitter, well to my surprise he pipes back with… ” Oh Mel.. Get with the times! I even got that Tweeter to keep up on my Edmonton Elks football!” I honestly could not believe what came out of his mouth, and I managed to hold the laugh in and reply, ” Dad you mean Twitter?” I should have known better because he fires back with, “Mel it’s a bird, a bird tweets, it’s clearly tweeter!” ….. HAHA Okay Dad, you got a point.

Photo by Brett Jordan on

As I mentioned up above, I have never had experience with Twitter until i started my EDTC 300 class. As a Educational Assistant I always knew that our school had a Twitter account and posted tons of school activities and feedback on it. However I took one look at it and got spooked like most technology with me. Being 31 years old I could never understand why the younger generations were using #hashtags, and what truly was the point of it. This post might make me sound like a 90 year old so bare with me, but I couldn’t understand #hashtags, or how to navigate it. Twitter to me, just seemed like it was too much work, and had way too much politics on it for my liking.

Lets Fast Forward now to Learning how to navigate Twitter in EDTC 300. We made a professional Twitter account and began following people in class, but also that were in the Education field. I found that just that, it gave me professional learning from all around the world. It also gave my feed a really meaningful structure, so that I can continue to find useful, helpful, and meaningful resources to help me further my learning as a future Educator. I really enjoy that now when I open Twitter, my feed is focused to a specific need and interest. I find that now my Twitter has a theme, and my theme is Education, which will not only further my knowledge now as a student, but also later down the road as a Teacher.

Twitter has been a great way for me to learn new ideas for classroom teaching, art ideas, creative ways to teach from other professionals, and even just eye opening situations that you might not consider that might occur in a classroom. I got to read amazing articles about children with different needs, and how we can maybe help them a little more with different learning techniques. I got to also learn about how going the extra mile with children can be a big reward, but be even more meaning to a child that just needs that extra love. Twitter allowed me to hear from professionals from all over the world, as everyone shares their ups and downs together. Twitter made me feel like I belonged to this profession already, and that some things will work, and somethings won’t, but Twitter allows us to share those moments and experiences together! Twitter has made me excited for my future in education and I think it’s an great way to continue learning throughout my life and career! In the future, I plan on using Twitter mostly as a way to continue professional development, and help me find/educate myself on new ways of teaching. Teaching is always going to be changing and evolving, and what better way to keep up with new ideas than Twitter!

Now for how I feel though, I don’t think Twitter is all perfect. I do find somethings frustrating, and make me dislike it as well. Yes Twitter has a great meaning behind it, and helps out professionally, however I do find it frustrating that you see a lot of peoples comments rather than new posts. I noticed that sometimes it would take me hours to get past comments and onto a new post. I find that I kept reading the same articles over and over again, because I didn’t realize they were all the same one that people kept retweeting and commenting on. I found that part very frustrating, and I also don’t like how it stays where you left off, instead of picking up new posts. So if you were off Twitter for 2 days, you were stuck reading 2 day old tweets rather than recent tweets. However like I said, I am just learning, and I still have lots to learn, but those are some of my frustrations and concerns.

I Can not wait to keep furthering my Education on “Tweeter” and hope to learn lots more so that I can carry that knowledge with me into my education and future classroom!

Clean… Or Get Dirty….

Today I had so much fun learning about 2 different techniques in paint pouring. Out of all the resources I started looking into, all of them started with explaining how to do a clean pour and a dirty pour, so I figured that was a great place to start learning! In the video below, this allowed me to be able to figure out the supplies I needed, but also the quantity of paint to medium ratio I needed to get a proper pour. In the video Paint Pouring 101- The Basics, they showed me the difference between a clean pour and a dirty pour.

YouTube video on How to do a clean pour and dirty pour

With a Clean pour, you can pour directly onto the Canvas, or you can mix your paint in a cup. If you mix the paint in the cup you pick your colours (which for me it was black, white, and gold) and simply just pour your colours into a plastic cup.I had the pre mix paints so I did not need to add any Medium to my paint, and I chose not to put the paint in the cup and just pour my paint right onto the canvas instead. After pouring my 3 colours onto the canvas I picked the canvas up and tilted slowly towards the corners of the canvas. Once the paint started dripping off the corners I slowly tilted back to the middle. As you can see in the image below from my first attempt the paints did not merge together and stayed to themselves. With clean pouring the paint does now form cells as much, and colours do not run into each other as much, where as a dirty pour you will see the colours combine more. I really enjoyed the clean pour, but I really wanted to try the gold flakes that came with my starter kit, so I decided to place some of the gold flakes on my painting as well! This was my first attempt with the golden flakes, and realized how difficult they are to put on! I struggled with the flakes on my clean pour because I found that my paint was still too wet, and I applied too much paint to the painting, that the flakes just sunk into the painting.


With a dirty paint pour, you begin by pouring your colours in a cup, but this time you slowly pour the colours into your cup. I found it helped if you slowly pour one colour into your cup by pouring it towards the side of the cup instead of directly straight pouring into the cup. Slowly pour onto the side of your cup, and layer your colours into smaller sections. I slowly poured my Aqua, than slowly layer it with black, back to slowly layering with Aqua, and then back to slowly layering the black into the cup. For my dirty pour I decided to use less paint because I found my clean pour was too thick with all the paint I used. With less paint it was easier to dry, but a lot easier to place the gold flakes. In the photo below, you can see my first attempt as a dirty pour and notice the difference on how the paint spread and merged onto the canvas. With a dirty pour the paint merges together and creates more cells, where as the clean pour stays in its own lane of colours. A dirty pour is seen as more of a “messy” look. I was so pleased with how the dirty pour went, and absolutely fell in love with it! The gold flakes went much better this time around because the foil did not just sink down into the paint. The paint acted like an instant glue for the foil, and just clung nicely to where I wanted to place them. I also used tweezers for the golden flakes this time so that my fingers did not smudge the paint.

I am so happy and excited to continue on with more paint pouring techniques, please stay tuned, and continue to check in next week to see what I will be learning next!

Let’s Paint an Image on how I got here

Life is all about learning new things, and what better way to try learn something than just diving right in and giving it a try! I have always took a liking to painting shortly after my sister past away 10 years ago! I always enjoyed painting with the children at Daycare, and school however one day shortly after my life changed I decided to paint for myself and it always put me at peace and ease. My sister Julia was never a big painter, but she was always a free spirit girl, and so I have always liked to freestyle and take my paintings where my heart lays. Painting makes me feel relaxed, happy, and it’s my outlet to expressing my emotions and feelings.

How to Pick up the Brush..

I have always took a liking to any kind of painting, however I have always been interested in trying Paint pouring. I know most people are probably wondering.. What is Paint Pouring? How hard can that be? The first step before picking up the brush is supplies, I needed to get all of my supplies before starting. I needed:

  • Canvas
  • Plastic wrap for the area you are painting around
  • Plastic Cups
  • Drop Clothes
  • Acrylic Pouring Paint(Pre mixed) or Regular Acrylic with a Medium (you need to mix)
  • At walmart you can buy a beginners Pre mix Paint kit with all supplies needed in it! (This was my beginner kit that I started with to learn.

Let the Paint Flow

Before I start looking up techniques or Ideas on how to learn to do this, I wanted to just get the feel of the paint for myself, so I tried a paint pour myself. This allowed me to understand the amount of paint, or the little amount of paint I needed to use. Giving it a try for myself also let me experiment with the flow of the paint, how runny it was, and how you can control the colours and patterns in the paint. I also wanted to give it a try for myself because I wanted to try get my creativity going, and see what kind of things I wanted to push myself to try when I start looking up techniques and ideas. My first attempt was a lot of FUN! I just used the cups that were provided in the kit and experimented with basic colours to get the feel of the amount of paint i needed. I found out this first time that I did use too much paint and it was pretty think when i was moving the paint around on the Canvas, so First lesson learned, use a small amount of paint and just work your way up if you need more! Overall I love the way it turned out,and very pleased with it! I am so excited to look up some techniques to use next week! So stay tuned and join in next week to see the new techniques I try!

Who Am I?

About Myself…

My Name is Melanie Darlington, I am 31 years old and currently going back to school at the University of Regina for Elementary Education! I am roughly going into my 3rd year, and have also been working in the Prairie South School Division working as an Educational Assistant since 2012! I love sports, I played College Basketball at Lethbridge for 2 years, and still continue to play, along with volleyball, slowpitch, and ultimate frisbee. I am originally from a small town called Eckville, in Alberta. I was born and raised on my parents farm where we showed Shorthorn Cattle for many years. I moved to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in 2012 where I started my journey in Education. I live with my amazing Fiance, Jessie and we are proud parents to my cute fur baby Gracie (Dog).  My Future goals are to become a Grade 1 or 2 Elementary Teacher and provide further Education to the students that have surround me throughout my experience as an Educational Assistant! I love working with children and want to be able to make a difference in their lives, like they have for me! 


I have tons of experience with children, I have worked in many Daycares, and been an Educational Assistant for 10 years. I don't have a lot of experience with educational technology, except for zoom, and google classroom because our school used them during the Pandemic. I am very excited to learn more in my EDTEC 300 class because I think the future of teaching young minds is now within technology. I also seen how it shook many people during the Pandemic, that I think its very important for everyone to learn. We never know what the future holds for us, but technology is our new learning program for children. My other Technology experiences include Facebook,Instagram, and Twitter. If you are interested please feel free to follow me on either of them down below!

Why Blog?

If you were to ask me 10 years ago to share my feelings and opinions on media, I would have probably laughed at you and said NO WAY! However going back to school at an older age made me really come out of my shell more and not be afraid to share my thoughts and feelings. I enough Blogs because it allows me to escape and share. I get to express my passion and beliefs. My other favourite thing about Blogs is that not everyone has to read or see it, its based on interest and if you take a liking to the topic. I enjoy blogging because I struggle with words and conversations, so this allows me to be able to share my stories, and my experiences. Blogs allow me to speak up when I feel scared or timid. Blogs allow me to have a voice.